Lenten Seafood Dinners

FRIDAYS, February 09 - March 22   5:00 - 7:30 PM      Dine In with limited seating or Carry Out
St. Mary Church   340 North Main Street   Hudson

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Fish Dinners:
QTY Description Price Each  
Beer Battered Filets two 4 oz. filets with sidewinder fries $ 13.25
Combination Platter one 4 oz. beer battered filet, four jumbo fried shrimp, sidewinder fries $ 14.25
Grilled Crab Cakes two 3 oz. crab cakes redskin potatoes, broccoli $ 17.00
Baked Lemon Pepper Filet one 8 oz. filet, redskin potatoes, broccoli $ 14.25
Shrimp Dinners:
QTY Description Price Each  
Breaded Jumbo Fried Shrimp nine jumbo fried shrimp, sidewinder fries $ 12.25
Pierogie Dinners:
QTY Description Price Each  
Pierogies Five jumbo 'Pierogi Lady' cheese and potato pierogies with grilled onions $  10.50
QTY Description Price Each  
Lobster Bisque large bowl with real lobster meat and a touch of sherry $  6.75
QTY Description Price Each  
Fresh Garden Salad mixed greens with cherry tomatoes and craisins with a side of grated cheese $  10.00
Kids Meals (under 12):
QTY Description Price Each  
Battered filet with fries                                   $ 6.25
Personal Cheese Pizza                                   $ 5.25
Mac 'n Cheese                                   $ 5.75
Side Dishes :
QTY Description Price Each  
Cole slaw                              $ 2.50
Sidewinder french fries                              $ 3.50
Pierogies (two jumbo)- cheese and potato                              $ 4.75
Broccoli                              $ 4.00
Redskin Potatoes                              $ 3.00
Desserts :
QTY Description Price Each  
Cake                                                             $ 3.50
Pie                                                             $ 3.50
Drinks :
QTY Description Price Each  
Bottled Water                                          $ 1.50
Soft Drinks                                          $ 1.50
Juice Pouch (6 oz)                                          $ 1.00
Coffee or Tea                                          $ 0.50
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